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Why Study in Australia?

Australia is an attractive destination for overseas students because of its varied climatic conditions, diverse cultures, friendly and welcoming people and safe environment. Australia’s Higher Education has grown progressively over the last decade and is growing more and more as the days go by. High percentages of students from the Gulf now seek education in Australia-mainly in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. An Australian qualification will develop you personally and professionally. It is your passport to a well-paid career and a secure future.


Summer: December to February (ranges around 84 degrees F or 29 degrees C)

Winter: June to August (ranges around 56 degrees F or 13 degrees C)

Dress Code

Waterproof Clothes and an umbrella for rainy days

  • Thick and warm jackets and clothing for winter
  • Light cottons and Linens in summer
  • National Costume is recommended for festivities

Shopping & Dining

  • Shops are open every day of the week – 9:00 A.M to 5:30 P.M, Monday to Friday and 9:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M on Saturdays
  • Bigger cities like Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart and Melbourne have late night shopping until 9:00 P.M on Fridays, and cities like Canberra, Perth and Sydney have the same facility offered on Thursdays
  • Halal food stores are available
  • Restaurants have flexible timings and are usually open late
  • An array of cuisine is offered
  • Aboriginal cuisine consist of exclusive food like eel, emu, kangaroo, snake, turtle, witchetty grubs (ghost moth larvae) and wombat
  • A must try is Vegemite, a dark brown salty yeast extract, which is used as a spread on toast for breakfast

Travel & Transportation

  • Buses, rail, watercraft and metro are the easiest travel methods in the city
  • Affordable rail and bus transportation between the different states
  • Student fares are available
  • Taxis are expensive

Important Numbers

  • Fire department 122
  • Police department 133
  • Ambulance 144
  • First-aid doctor 141