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Career Counseling

Selecting the right career path is very important in a career in a student's life.

Nice Education Consultancy will guide you to advice solutions best suited to your profile ensuring you choose the right path to your career goals. 

Documentation Guidance

Applying for Study Abroad is tough as well as preparing the documentation needed.

Nice Education also helps in document guidance for each University/College where you wish to apply for admission & Visa.

Travel Assistance

For most of the students, the process to travel in a new country all on their own is quite awkward. 

Nice Education also gives travel assistance for studying abroad. We help the students have a stress-free safe journey to their destination.

Interview Assistance

As Interviews are not part of every University/College admissions process, many of them perform face-to-face before admitting you. 
Nice Education assists students to prepare for the interview at the University/College, makes the chances of success & prepares students to control their nerves before stepping into the interview.

Finance Assistance

Each of the students who can afford the expenses also needs financial assistance.
When a student is applying for an international student visa, each student is required to show evidence of funds available to cover education expenses. 
Nice Education also assists students with a flexible attitude toward providing financial assistance to foreign students.

Visa Guidance

Before Visa lodge, We make sure that the student has properly verified everything!

Nice Education offers consultations for each student's case from which applicants can be confident & make the right decisions. We also help them with how to proceed, what documents are needed, and how much to budget.

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